Saturday, October 10, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Defining Moments~

What are the chances you will blow it at least once in your life? I understand they are pretty good. As a matter of fact, some of the greatest leaders document that if it were not for their failures they would have never accomplished defining moments of achievement.

How often do we fail God, or maybe someone else, and think, "God help me change!" We might feverishly read the Bible and pray for change. You might think, "Hey, I'm a christian; where is the power of God in my life?"

Did you know that the disciples did not begin their ministry until they received power from the Holy Spirit? Today I see many ministries without power and it breaks my heart. In the past I have asked many believers in Christ, "Do you believe joy is the birthright of the believer?" Most just stare at me and don't know what to say.

Before you get down on yourself for not knowing what you would say, remember, Satan is the accuser of the body of Christ (Revelations 12:10); and knowing the answer to this question takes power from the Holy One, God. If God gave us the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is our comforter (John 14:26), where is the comfort? God's word tells us that we are not to quench the Holy Spirit (1 Thessalonians 5:19). Does that imply that I can quench the Holy Spirit? Uh-oh.

I am convinced that as we believe and trust God our faith is expressed. That also includes our attitude which is displayed by our outward actions. If you were about to rappel down a cliff and the person in charge acted nervous before you started to rappel, would you be nervous too? Sure. But if the person in charge appeared confident, so would you. Believing requires an action of confidence in God. I am reminded of this by the Holy Spirit each day. So take heart, friends, and live as if there is power in your life from God. Trust Him and be thankful in all things.

Let me add this: If you do not understand the power of the Holy Spirit in your life, ask God to show you. You will know it and begin to live from your heart, walking in God's desire and calling for your life. Also, many times the young believer starts out living by the power of the Holy Spirit, but through trials, or being told how to live by someone else, they forget. Soon their joy is robbed.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Asleep on the Battlefield ~

Last night I had the worst dream ever in my life. I awoke immediately to ask God to never let me have a dream like that ever again. I know God would never condone the actions of my dream.

A curious thing to be spiritually attacked while sleeping. It was like an ambush by Satan. Everyone eventually sleeps. Unfortunately we don't always know where we will be. You might think, "I sleep in my bed dingus." But when most people go to bed they believe they are going to a place of comfort. Have you ever been restless and not able to sleep? Maybe you hate your circumstances and want to be somewhere else to sleep. No matter, sometimes the situation is very uncomfortable and it feels as if we are sleeping on a battlefield.

I have slept on a battlefield and there are a few things to say about sleeping on the battlefield. One, you always sleep with your weapon. In the military they call it your "buddy." In civilian life it would be called, "cold steel." Either way you never sleep without it. Second, you always sleep with your boots on. The only time to take them off is to change socks and/or wash your feet. Being prepared to run is an essential. Third,...there is no third!

God's Holy Word is your weapon. Your heart are the boots. Is your heart ready to take action? Is God's word on your tongue as you speak?

This world is not your home, and it is not your friend. If it is then you are not God's friend. To be a friend of this world is to be an enemy of God. Be sure you will find enemies everywhere. When you sleep, remember you are sleeping on the battlefield. Suspect an ambush on every hedge. Satan strolls about seeking for someone he might devour.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Struck by lightning...and burned by fire ~

It has been so long...but here it goes. It would seem that we have an enemy. Yes, his name is Satan. Oh,... have you lost interest already? You have heard it before, I know, but why do you and I keep forgetting? What starts off as a mantra gets replace with words like, "I am so tired!" It is a wonderful thing that our heavenly Father remembers that we are dust.

This tree was struck by lightning and then caught fire.

A couple of weeks ago I went to a Gary Barkalow ( confrence in Cleveland, GA. I met with many other men seeking to understand what it means to "live the glory of their life." This is biblical and Gary made it clear that the only glory in us is Christ's glory flowing through us. And I have said it before, "It is a moment to moment relationship with God that he desires." Anyhow, back to the burned tree.

We broke up into groups and had projects to work on. One was to gather pictures that captures something in us. I absolutely dreaded doing this project. I felt like I was in grade school. I gathered about twenty-five pics, cut them out and taped them to a large piece of paper. I then had to title each one and group them together. Here is the kicker, the men in your group had to decipher, or psychoanalyze you. They had to explain why you were drawn to the photos you picked and if they really match with your thoughts.

This tree was titled, Survivor. I viewed myself as a survivor and burned terribly. However, they said, "Mike, where is the rest of the tree?" I said the picture was too big so I showed the burned part. They said, "Mike, the beauty is the part that shows the tree as a survivor...the flourishing part. Where is it?" They said I still viewed myself as the burned part or I thought others viewed me as the burned part. They were right! I had never thought about this. My new friends began to encourage me in so many ways as the flourishing tree. Later, I cried over their discovery. I am still in the process of changing how I view of myself and wrong agreements I have made that are not true.

Is your view of yourself wrong? Are there agreements or ideas you have made, with yourself, that need to be corrected? Confess your allegiance back to the One who has a great plan and purpose for your life. Trust Him! Listen to Him! Love God passionately and His glory will flow through you. This is the "living water" Christ talked about.

Believe our God has glory for your life where your burden will be light. Joy is the birthright of the believer. ~