Saturday, May 2, 2009

Asleep on the Battlefield ~

Last night I had the worst dream ever in my life. I awoke immediately to ask God to never let me have a dream like that ever again. I know God would never condone the actions of my dream.

A curious thing to be spiritually attacked while sleeping. It was like an ambush by Satan. Everyone eventually sleeps. Unfortunately we don't always know where we will be. You might think, "I sleep in my bed dingus." But when most people go to bed they believe they are going to a place of comfort. Have you ever been restless and not able to sleep? Maybe you hate your circumstances and want to be somewhere else to sleep. No matter, sometimes the situation is very uncomfortable and it feels as if we are sleeping on a battlefield.

I have slept on a battlefield and there are a few things to say about sleeping on the battlefield. One, you always sleep with your weapon. In the military they call it your "buddy." In civilian life it would be called, "cold steel." Either way you never sleep without it. Second, you always sleep with your boots on. The only time to take them off is to change socks and/or wash your feet. Being prepared to run is an essential. Third,...there is no third!

God's Holy Word is your weapon. Your heart are the boots. Is your heart ready to take action? Is God's word on your tongue as you speak?

This world is not your home, and it is not your friend. If it is then you are not God's friend. To be a friend of this world is to be an enemy of God. Be sure you will find enemies everywhere. When you sleep, remember you are sleeping on the battlefield. Suspect an ambush on every hedge. Satan strolls about seeking for someone he might devour.


  1. Very well stated, son. I too have been close to the footsteps of Satan, but the comfort of the Lord keeps me on the right path.
    Take care, son.

  2. Nice one. I discovered the picture on your site-then your article. You might like to check out the Spurgeon meditation that I posted, Peace and Grace.