Friday, October 24, 2008

Missing something?

I kid you not, when Kathy picked up the adds for groceries this is what she got. It was an absolute riot. I thought I was going to die laughing. The expression on the guys face, on the adds, is fitting as well. Interestingly enough I began to think how most Christians feel there are missing parts in their life. What am I supposed to do? Why isn't "this" or "that" working out for me? I have said before that every morning when I wake up and thank our heavenly Father I also remind myself I have an enemy that comes to steal and destroy. I knew of a young man who was beaten terribly by his grandparents and had to go to the hospital. That was a turning point for him. He was trying to protect someone else and took the blame for something he had not done. In essence he was trying to rescue someone else. The result was a wounded heart that left an impression that God has left us on this planet to fend for ourselves. When the boy grew up and became a man someone took him aside and walked him through that scenario all over again. The man was asked to explain what happened except he had to imagine Jesus standing there when it happened. The man began to cry as he imagined his Savior crying as well. Then the man was asked to imagine himself as the father of himself when he was a boy. He was asked to act as a father would toward the boy. This powerful healing scenario began to heal the missing parts of God in his life. This story is powerful. When we think of the missing parts remember try and understand that Satan will steal and destroy any belief of God in you. God loves you and does not want us to suffer this way. But Satan will do anything to get us to lose heart and just give in to disbelief. When I wake up I thank the Lord, out loud so my ears can hear it, and mentally put on my spiritual armor. "It's real war right outside your front door..." - Dan Hill

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Our place ~

Well...I imagine it is time to put some photos up of our dwelling place. We love what our Lord provides. Can anyone see Shasta in the driveway?
The first two is our living room.
Here is one of the Dining Room

Hey, how about the hallway?

Oh, gets better. The Office.
We have a Guest Room too.
We have a basement. Score!
We have other rooms: Our bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, garage closet, car port, the back yard, closets, a half get the picture.

Oh, we love our tree. We have flowers around the base of the tree now (it's an older pic).
The front porch is a nice place to read and a cup of joe (coffee).

It is always great when family drops by. This is Kathy's mom (Mrs. Pat Zeleznak), sister (Mary Concha) and neice (Bethany Concha).

Sunset ~

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Twelve Years ~

It has been twelve years for Kathy and I. I love her so and truly every year gets better. Kathy and I were married in Kansas City, Missouri; spent our honeymoon on the Oregon coast; and have share in many adventures. Marriage is a sacred bond before God. It is the same sacred bond that Jesus Christ has with saints. I long to see Him. Getting back to our aniversary >> Sunday we decided to go to the Cider Festival in Louisburg, Kansas. It was delightful and peaceful. We watched how they make the cider and even had some apple cider donuts. Speaking of donuts...I ran into an old friend. Alverez and I worked together when I was a cop. We had some good laughs talking about the past. As we were heading home we drove by a sunflower field and just had to stop. It was so fine ~

Man oh man, I love this woman ~