Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Twelve Years ~

It has been twelve years for Kathy and I. I love her so and truly every year gets better. Kathy and I were married in Kansas City, Missouri; spent our honeymoon on the Oregon coast; and have share in many adventures. Marriage is a sacred bond before God. It is the same sacred bond that Jesus Christ has with saints. I long to see Him. Getting back to our aniversary >> Sunday we decided to go to the Cider Festival in Louisburg, Kansas. It was delightful and peaceful. We watched how they make the cider and even had some apple cider donuts. Speaking of donuts...I ran into an old friend. Alverez and I worked together when I was a cop. We had some good laughs talking about the past. As we were heading home we drove by a sunflower field and just had to stop. It was so fine ~

Man oh man, I love this woman ~

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  1. Dearest Mercer's---what a joy to see that you guys are settled and doing so well. Isn't it good to serve a God who delights in blessing us so abundantly, and who has given us eyes to see His blessings! May you continue to walk in the knowlege of His goodness and be bound together in His love. Kathi Ellis