Friday, July 4, 2008

Kansas City bound~

It appears our next step will for me to return to Calvary Theological Seminary. The plan is to finish by May with an advanced degree. I will be working part-time and Kathy may possibly work full-time for the MCC (Metropolitan Community Colleges) in Kansas City, Missouri.
Pray for us. So many of our friends are here in Tennessee and we will miss them terribly. One the other hand, we have tons of friends in Kansas City and that is very exciting. What is the Lord doing? Fun, fun, fun.

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  1. Dearest Mercer's---I've been thinking so much about you lately Kathy, feeling the Lord's call to pray for you guys. I googled your name several weeks ago, after not finding you on the "Weer's" site, and you came up in a church site under prayer requests about a trip to sort out what direction you should take next. This morning I googled again and found your blog and news of a KC return. God is good! You'll continue to be in my prayers.
    Great Love!
    Kathi Ellis