Sunday, July 6, 2008

A spiritual renewal

Mike with storm clouds all around near Sheep Mountain. He left his favorite Zip-T (Mountain Hardware sweater) and went back to get it two days later with his friend Stephen Wood.
Mike went on a spiritual journey as he hiked the mountains nearby. The views were spectacular. Mike put out an orange panel so Kathy could see him, three miles away, but...she didn't; Mike loves Kathy very much~

Kathy watched as Mike went down river with Stephen Wood (flashing his peace gang sign), Shasha (front right, from Russian), Mike (flashing One-Way Jesus gang sign), Peter Wood (back right, waving) and Israel Burkett (very back with afro).

Kathy looks unbelievably gorgeous against those rugged mountains.But I think we look better together.

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  1. Okay, the point of others reading your blog is so they can know what's going on in your life. I now know that you're moving to Kansas to go back to the seminary, but what are the detail??? I'd love to hear more about the spiritual journey that you've been on that led you to this decision, but if it is too personal, I can just ask Chris and Kate in less than 24 hours!!!

    Welcome to the world of blogging! Cile