Monday, September 22, 2008

War in heaven ~

A thought occurred to me that two-third of heaven went to war for God, our heavenly Father. What I find interesting is that the battle continues to this day. What!? According to the Scriptures the battle will not stop until Satan is contained for a thousand years during the millenial reign on earth (if your theology believes that). Then he (Satan) will be released again for a short time. After that he will be judged and cast into the Great Abyss (lake of fire) for all of eternity at the final judgement. There he will not able to do battle against the God we know and love. The angles went to war for God! I will say it again, "The angels went to war for God." This disturbs me alittle I'll have to admit. With a single thought God could have taken Satan with the third of angels, he had convinced to side with him, and banished them for ever; but God didn't do that. He had a plan that involved you and me. I will ask you this question. Do you battle for the Lord? Man! Bro! Dude! This is no joke. Do you battle for the Lord? When I thought of the angels in heaven siding with God to do battle, which they had never had to do before, I thought, "Do I battle for the all?" My heart is heavy with this thought. God battles for us all the time. Do I battle for Him, my Creator?

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