Thursday, January 15, 2009

Take it easy ~

"Take it easy," is probably the most famous phrase you will hear next to,
"Take it easy, Bro ~" in the biker commmunity.

I seem to always hear the Holy Spirit say this to me. Probably because God knows how I think. Now why would the Holy Spirit speak to me this way? It is because I am always to 'take it easy?' Of course not. But to worry and fret does no one any good.

As a follower of Christ, I always want to be more disciplined in my walk with God; and I have found discipline, without self examination, is like a soldier without orders. Sure the soldier may be disciplined but he needs to know his orders. I seek the Lord daily for my orders and He gladly gives them. But I often complicate the process by reasoning what God says. If it is from God it will line up with the character of God in His Holy Word. If I hear something else, that does not line up with God's character, I can bet it's from the other dude (Satan). I want to hear from God. I have found where the conscience and the heart connect is that place where I hear God. That is that still, quite, small voice of my living God. My brain is always trying to figure it out and I have to tell myself sometime to stop overthinking the whole thing and trust God; you know, "Take it easy, Bro~"

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