Thursday, August 28, 2008

Great friends...great ride~

I went for a bike run with some friends a month or so ago. I'm front, second from the left with the black vest and maroon shirt. There are so many friends here.The "Tree of Shame" is a place where bikers place pieces of their wrecked bike. I'm not sure why a kids plastic trike is at the base of the tree.We're wasting time; let's ride!Chillin ~Chris is the man with the meal plan.Bear reflects on good times ~ Waiting for chow ~
Chris and Kate's house was a good place to make it all happen ~Wayne, Mike and Joe make a might trio ~We all gathered after church for one last pic.
Present freedom ~
I have so much fun with my chopper...well look for yourself, wouldn't you?

Here is a crazy story. This rider, Wayne Gresham, turned out to be a pretty neat friend. Some how God used him to help me disclose some things about my past. It was healing. In the same way he returned the favor by opening up to me concerning his father. Well it was a few months later and Kathy and I were halfway to Kansas City from Maryville, Tennesse and I had just said to Kathy, "Man, I sure wish I could see Wayne again some day." Kathy smiled at me. A few minutes later I'm looking at this white truck in front of me with a decal that says, SEED OF ABRAHAM. I said to Kathy, "I know only one guy with that emblem under the decal...Wayne Gresham. I pulled up along side and lo and behold, Wayne! I could not believe it. We all pulled over and had a great laugh. The Lord knows our desires and blesses us. I so thankful our Lord loves us. Below are picutures of that encounter.

I hope to get with Wayne in a week or so down in Joplin, Missouri He's doing a job there; not in a Mafia kind of way.


  1. Mike,
    Wayne so throughly enjoyed meeting you that day and it was a great encouragement to him. Trust you'll are getting settled in and remember you'll are welcome anytime in Southern Indiana.

  2. Son, what is with the "Tree of Shame?" Couldnt make out all the stuff in the picture. Anyway, hope you find a place to settle.
    Take care. See ya down the road.