Sunday, September 14, 2008

Whose in charge?

"I'm in charge." "No, I'm in charge!" I love this picture. It was taken less than a month ago at the Womacks. The person next to me is Linda Womack. She is the brilliant wife of Everett Womack. They are both close friends. Linda and I were talking about our missed opportunity of discussing escatology (i.e. - future events yet to happen). We both just happen to have our hands on our hips at the time which I though was funny. When I first looked at this picure I thought of my relationship with my Lord. I get to this place where I am convinced that I am living moment to moment with the Lord only to be interuped with something that draws me away from fellowship with Him. I am a fellow who likes to get things accomplished well. As a result I am constantly having to watch my behavior towards others. It is not about how I can accomplish this or that; it is about my moment to moment fellowship with God. I can choose anything to get for self satisfaction or I can listen to what my creator is guiding me to do. If I brush off a thought to accomplish what I want to do am I sinning against my Lord? God's word tells me that I will give an account for every thought to my Lord. A dear friend, who has passed on five years ago, paid me a compliment, "Mike, you are a capable guy you know." I thought, "Wow! She is so cool." Then she said, "Mike, I am a capable person to too. And well, can I say something?" I said, "Sure." She then said, "Mike, I know because I am capable I don't pray very often; how about you? Do you struggle with prayer?" Man, I did not know what to say. I was struck through. My heart sank because I only knew this to be true. I told her that I did struggle with prayer and thank her for the exhortation. I knew God was trying to get my fellowship. God wants our fellowship from moment to moment. He wants to commune with us. As I seek to live more humbly with my Lord I hope to leave Him IN CHARGE so that I remain living in fellowship moment to moment with Him.

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